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    Tucson Family Lawyers

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    For many families, divorce is the most difficult circumstance of their lives.  At the Tucson divorce lawyers of My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC, we’ve helped families from different backgrounds, incomes, and cultures.  For all of them, filing for divorce is an ordeal.

    What drives us is our commitment to making your family law process as smooth and painless as possible, while helping you make the right choices regarding your family’s future.  You deserve a divorce attorney that understands your needs and the importance of family.  Our Tucson Family Law Team believe in advocating for your family as if it was our own.  This allows us to craft a positive outcome for you.

    Our Tucson Divorce Lawyers and Tucson family attorneys are committed to providing residents of Pima County, Arizona with effective and caring representation.  The attorneys at our Tucson Family Law Firm are experienced in all areas of family law, and can assist you in every matter concerning your family law case.  Whether you are starting to take legal action or you are needing help with an Arizona family court proceeding in process, our Pima County and Tucson family law lawyers can help you in your case.

    In addition, our Tucson family law firm offers nothing less than dedicated and exceptional counsel.  Our knowledgeable Tucson family law attorneys will fight for your rights and the rights of your family.  Thus, our Tucson divorce lawyers offer well thought, viable options.  We also act with your best interests and best resolution for your case in mind.

    Our Tucson Divorce Lawyers provide clients — individuals and families — family law services in Tucson, Arizona:

    • Free Case Evaluations:  Contact our law office to schedule an appointment at your convenience to visit with an Arizona Family Law Attorney.  You may opt to visit our office in person to discuss your family law matter.  Take advantage of an opportunity to consult with an expert family law attorney whom will help you get your case moving in the right direction.
    • Expertise in Family Law Practice area:  Attorney Candace E. Kallen  has served clients, worked family law cases, and have extensive experience with the Arizona Family Law Court system.  It would be to your benefit to work with our attorneys who are expert in their field of Family Law.
    • Flexible scheduling and convenient locations:  Our Tucson Family Law Firm understands the need to accommodate your needs.  Through effective legal representation and collaboration and communication with clients, our firm will proceed with representation that is appropriate for you.  My AZ Lawyers has convenient locations in Arizona and flexible scheduling in order to work with your schedule.
    • Affordable Tucson Lawyers:  It is possible to hire our team and get the best legal help in Tucson, Arizona, at an affordable price.  Our firm offers unbeatable pricing and our staff is willing to work out payment plans with our clients.  There are several ways we can suggest to help you finance your legal counsel.

    Let My AZ Lawyers help you get started, then get you a successful outcome to your case

    Reasons to Hire Our Tucson Divorce Lawyers

    • Our accomplished Tucson Divorce Lawyers and staff have the dedication and experience necessary to get you the best result in your Tucson family law matter.
    • We have compassion and have close relationships with our clients.
    • Our professionalism is unmatched as we provide each client with a unique legal representation that is curtailed for their individual case.
    • We listen to your needs and concerns before providing expert advice for your family.
    • Also, we ensure you understand the laws surrounding your case and are able to make confident decisions for your family.
    • We strive to provide the best possible customer service from your first contact through final resolution.

    Call the law office of My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC or contact us online to set up a free consultation or to set up an in-person appointment in our Tucson family law office.  Our Tucson divorce lawyers represent clients throughout Pima County, including Tucson.

    Our Tucson Family Law Firm handles a range of Family Law Issues:

    Working to Give You an Advantage

    Our Tucson family law firm places a major emphasis on knowing the different family court judges throughout Arizona.  Knowing the tendencies and the method each judge prefers helps us to know what to expect in your case.  While judges have to apply Arizona family rules of law and case law to the decisions they make, they each have a distinctive approach to how they run their own courtrooms. Knowing what to expect from a judge can help with trying to obtain a favorable result in your case.  My AZ Lawyers attorneys are always going the extra mile to better serve our clients.  Don’t settle for anything less than what our Tucson family law team delivers.

    Our Philosophy:

    Our Tucson family lawyers believe that family law is one of the most powerful legal practice areas. Family law is so very important because of the deep and long-term effects it can have on our clients’ lives.  Our experienced team of Family Law Attorneys will provide you with clear guidance that will give you genuine clarity and peace of mind.

    At My Arizona Lawyers, our first priority is to give our clients our complete devotion.  Our service is second to none.  No matter how difficult your situation may seem, we will stand by you as your advocate, whether we are inside or outside the courtroom.  Our team knows the importance of family law and are dedicated to getting the best outcome for our clients.

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