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    Arizona Divorce FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Divorce Process in Arizona



    If you or your spouse wants to file for divorce in Arizona, it is important for you to consult with an experienced Arizona divorce attorney.  An attorney at My AZ Lawyers can explain how Arizona’s state laws will affect your separation.  It is also important to understand your rights.

    How long will the divorce process take?

    Typically a divorce will take six to nine months, depending on your situation, but it is a minimum of 60 days after the opposing party has been served agreeable to Arizona law.

    What is required for a reason for getting a divorce in Arizona?

    Arizona is a no-fault divorce state.  That means that neither spouse needs to provide a reason for wanting a divorce.  The only information necessary to initiate, then proceed with the divorce process, is the affirmation by one or both parties that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”.

    I want to change my last name back.  Can I do that?

    If you took your husband’s last name in marriage, you can have your maiden (former) name restored.

    My spouse and I were not married in Arizona.  Can we get divorced in Arizona?

    One of the spouses needs to have resided in Arizona for at least 90 days.  If that is the case, the state of Arizona has jurisdiction to order a divorce.

    Do I need to retain a Lawyer to file for Divorce in Arizona?

    It is possible to represent yourself and file a divorce, but that is not recommended and inadvisable.  A court will hold you up to the same standards as any lawyer, so you must have knowledge all the pertinent Arizona divorce laws, and understand the process completely.

    It is in your best interests to seek an experienced lawyer with expertise in the practice of Arizona divorce to be your legal advocate.

    You don’t have to feel alone as and go through the legal divorce proceedings on your own.  My AZ Lawyers will help you through the entire process — working with your needs and best interests and rights in mind.  To get the most favorable outcome in your legal matter, it is important to consult and seek representation of the expert Arizona Divorce attorneys at My AZ Lawyers.  Call our office to set up a FREE CONSULTATION with an attorney.

    We have debt.  How will our debt get divided?

    Typically, both spouses are responsible for any debt during the marriage.  Arizona is a “community property” state.  The division may depend on the circumstances specific to your situation.

    Will I receive alimony?

    There are factors in which the court must consider.  Consult an attorney to gain a better understanding of the alimony law.

    I want a divorce.  My spouse doesn’t want a divorce.  How should I proceed?

    A request with the court for a conciliation meeting can be made if both spouses do not agree to the divorce.  The divorce is put on hold for 60 days following the request so that this meeting can take place.  If the conciliation meeting does not resolve the disagreement, the divorce process will then continue. 

    How are our money and assets divided?

    Usually both the husband and wife share the assets that were acquired during the marriage.  Dividing the assets may depend on the facts of your particular case / situation.

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