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    Child Custody Attorneys in Tucson, AZ

    Tucson Child Custody Lawyer

    In many families, these responsibilities have been shared and every aspect of the children’s future must be evaluated in pursuing the best interests of the children.  At the Tucson family law attorneys of My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC, we assist clients throughout Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, and the surrounding communities in all matters relating to divorce and child custody.  As a direct result of the serious and sensitive nature of your case, it would be within your best interests to retain our immediate representation.  Contact our Tucson family law office today.  Free consultations (either in office or by phone), call (520) 307-0020.

    There are times when you need an experienced Tucson child custody lawyer.  If you’re facing a child custody battle during your divorce in Tucson, Arizona, the experienced family law attorneys from My AZ Lawyers can provide a Tucson child custody lawyer who believes a father’s rights are equally as important as the mother’s.  Our practice is built on helping men and women keep their rights and succeed in family court in Arizona.  Therefore, our family law attorneys will fight to maximize your role in your children’s lives.

    We also understand the challenges people in Tucson face in family court.  And aim to challenge stereotypes and inequalities that both men and women often experience during divorce and family law proceedings.

    Tucson Child Custody Lawyer

    The Goal of our Tucson Child Custody Lawyer is to:

    • Our affordable Tucson family law firm will help you through the child custody, divorce, and family law proceedings with as little conflict and cost as possible.
    • Our Tucson Divorce Firm will educate and prepare you for the divorce and child custody  proceedings
    • We will also work hard to preserve your financial interests and those of your children

    Our Tucson child custody lawyer or child support attorney will work to get you the custody arrangement you want.  We are the partner you can count on.  Call today to learn how our Tucson divorce lawyers will champion the interests of you and your children.  Our law firm realizes that in many cases finances are tight; therefore, we will work with our clients on affordable payment plans and retainers.

    Child Custody Lawyers in Tucson, Arizona