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    Child Support Lawyers in Tucson



    Tucson Child Support Attorney will help establish a fair payment plan for your family’s future

    Tucson Family Law Firm represents clients in Tucson and throughout Maricopa County

    Under Arizona law, My AZ Lawyers will establish a fair payment plan that is productive and effective for the future of your children and family.  Our firm will represent your best interests as we set a new payment plan, enforce a current plan, or modify an existing plan.  

    Both parents are responsible for the well-being and support of their children.  Making regular payments by the non-custodial parent is included in this support.  The amount which is established is determined by Arizona child support guidelines.  Contact an experienced child support attorney at My AZ Lawyers to better understand your rights and obligations as a parent.

    Determining Child Support in Tucson,Arizona

    Arizona has guidelines that apply to all cases involving child support.  Some factors taken into consideration include:

    • Combined (gross) income of both parents
    • Daycare costs and which parent pays for it
    • How many children need to be supported
    • Special medical needs of the children
    • Educational needs of the children
    • Health insurance costs and which parent pays for it
    • The age of the child/children
    • How much time the parent paying support spends with the children
    • Additional spousal maintenance payments made
    • How much property was divided in the marriage

    Arizona Support Payments

    Once an order is in place, Arizona support payments are typically taken right out of the wages of the parent paying support and sent to the court.  Next, the court sends the support to the receiving parent. The Arizona court keeps records of the payments received.  Payments may not be made by alternative payments such as gifts or clothing or goods.  Money must be paid to the court.

    A child support order applies to children under the age of 18, or until the child is 19 if he/she is still attending high school (or high school equivalency program).  A Judge may order payments to continue longer if the child is mentally or physically handicapped.

    Because each family is different, each case is different.  What “so-and-so’s” ex-wife receives in child support has no bearing whatsoever on what you may have to pay or how much you will receive. 

    Contact an Arizona child custody expert at My AZ Lawyers to discuss your support matter in order to understand better how the guidelines will apply to your particular case — what is best for your family needs.

    Settlement of family issues such as support payments takes a substantial effort.  My AZ Lawyers focuses on fighting for the rights of our clients.  Sometimes to get desired results that means settlement efforts or litigation, and our firm takes these issues our clients face seriously and head-on.

    With you all the way through the child support process

    Our Tucson Family Law Firm protects clients from paying more child support than they need or can afford.  We also fight for parents who are receiving support that is less then they are entitled to.  Family Law is our business, and My AZ Lawyers dedicate themselves to helping you achieve a plan that is best for you, your family, and your children. 

    Whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent, we will prepare your case with extensive interviews and investigations, explore the financial situation and communicate with you about your goals for the outcome of your case.

    We can help to modify an existing child support agreement

    If your financial situation suddenly changes, you should contact our Tucson child support attorney.  My AZ Lawyers helps clients that find themselves in a situation that requires modification of their current payment plan in order to reflect their updated financial situation.  

    Following a final divorce agreement, we represent clients who feel they have been burdened with an unfair child support payment plan.

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    My AZ Lawyers would like to offer a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced child custody attorney.  Contact our law firm office to schedule a consultation by phone or in-office.  Take advantage of the knowledge and information provided by our attorneys regarding the questions you may have about your child support needs.