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    Divorce and Bankruptcy


    Divorce and Bankruptcy

    Sometimes Divorce and Bankruptcy Go Hand in Hand

    Sometimes Divorce and Bankruptcy compliment one another.  As part of the plan to divide assets, a couple going through a divorce in Arizona may find it helpful to declare bankruptcy.  Some divorces face family law issues such as child custody and parenting time.  Others face matters such as debt and property division. 

    If your divorce case includes an underwater mortgage, massive credit card and/or medical debt, or other debt/financial issues; the court will try to fairly divide this debt (as well as the assets). 


    If you have already decided to seek a divorce, and you feel that a bankruptcy is also inevitable in order to deal with financial issues and debt, how should you proceed?  Obviously neither divorce nor bankruptcy are issues that a married couple envisions in the future; but if both are necessary, they have potential for a challenging case.  Contact our divorce and bankruptcy attorneys in Tucson to see what is the best way to get divorced when you are needing to file bankruptcy.

    As long as you are legally married, you and your spouse can file bankruptcy as one unit.  It can be stressful trying to work together with a soon-to-be-ex; but before an official split, it may be necessary to gather the required documents and information to move forward with your legal proceedings. 

    Tucson Divorce Lawyers

    Consulting with an attorney who has experience dealing with clients seeking a divorce and needing a bankruptcy is crucial to ensure that both money matters and issues that need to be resolved in the divorce are dealt with properly and in the correct sequence.

    Our Divorce and bankruptcy lawyers will not only help you with a bankruptcy knowing you want to file for divorce, but our staff can also help you with financial matters after the bankruptcy discharge is final.  In many cases, couples hope that a divorce will somehow offer financial recovery, only to end up having to file bankruptcy shortly after the divorce is final.  Both spouses are jointly responsible for debt incurred during marriage.  Certainly, a divorce and a bankruptcy can impact the outcome of the other. 

    Because a bankruptcy and divorce are major life events, both from a legal, financial, and emotional standpoint; it is best to seek advice on how to initiate either legal process.  If a divorce and/or bankruptcy is inevitable, at least you will make the right moves when you are advised by a trusted family law attorney.  Our lawyers, based upon your specific needs for your particular case, will defend your rights and help you get through the legal process.  You will be able to look forward to a fresh start:  rebuilding your credit, rebuilding your finances, and rebuilding your future and your life.