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    When faced with difficult legal issues that deal with your family, it is crucial that you seek an experienced Arizona family law firm that will represent the best interests of your family.  A Tucson family law attorney for My AZ Lawyers understands that when it comes to family matters, nothing but the best legal representation is expected.


    My AZ Lawyers take the time to review your particular needs, and examine each individual case.  Our focus is on Arizona family law problems:  our attorneys are experts in their practice area of family law.  Our firm is dedicated to maximizing your experience and applying legal approaches in order to provide effective assistance in your case.  We will provide you with information and all legal options that are available to your case.  In order for you to make the best decisions for your family, our attorneys will communicate and explain the legal process.


    Our firm is known for effectively helping our clients get through even the toughest of legal battles.  Our firm takes challenges head on.  Such as, complicated divorces and child custody issues — we are here to fight for your rights and resolve your family law issue.  

    At the office of My AZ Lawyers, we understand that family issues may be stressful and difficult situations.  If you are faced with a parenting time dispute, or a custody battle, or a problem with dividing properties/divorce; we will focus on finding a resolution.

    Our Arizona Family Law firm successfully represents clients in the Tucson area.  We are committed to resolving family law issues while keeping the family values / best interests in mind.  My AZ Lawyers have experience in family law, which means they have methods of conflict resolution.  For example, collaboration, open negotiation, and mediation tactics that help families in Arizona.

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    Tucson Family Law Attorney