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    Temporary and Emergency Orders

    Temporary Orders

    orderWhile your family law matter is pending, the Court may issue Temporary Orders.  These orders outline what is to occur while waiting for a final order.  Temporary Orders are null once the court enters its final judgment.  One must petition the Court in order to establish Temporary Orders. 

    Generally, Temporary Orders specify issues of interim child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, division of assets, allocation of debt, and use of family residence and vehicles.  Establishing Temporary Orders may be a crucial action/ step to take in your family law matter:  it may have a lasting effect upon the permanent orders of the Court. 

    Our experienced Arizona Family Law attorneys assist clients in achieving the best possible outcome for their Temporary Orders and permanent court orders.  If you need assistance and support, contact our office for a FREE initial consultation — in-office or by phone. 

    The experienced Arizona Family Law attorneys at our firm can help you with your family law legal case: 

    • Child Custody
    • Parenting time
    • Divorce
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support
    • Division of Property
    • Divorce and Bankruptcy
    • Relocation
    • Grandparents’ Rights
    • Same-Sex Divorce and Family Law issues

    Emergency Orders

    Sometimes an emergency or crisis situation comes up during a divorce or other family law proceeding.  Our law firm and experienced Arizona Family Law attorneys can provide immediate intervention in an emergency situation of any kind.  Our firm can help you get through a lengthy divorce or child custody dispute.  We will fight to protect your rights — and help you with temporary or emergency orders.


    You may have many questions and concerns about what will happen while a family matter becomes final.  For example, who will stay in the home?  Where will the children live?  Who will pay the bills?  Even uncontested divorces may take months to become final.  Therefore, filing a petition for temporary orders with the Court may be in your best interest.  Consult an attorney if you have questions about filing a temporary or emergency order for your family law legal issue.