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    Tucson Family Law Services

    Family Law Lawyers in Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson Family Law Services

    Family law comes in several different forms and is an imortant part of most people’s lives.  Unfortunately, preserving family ties can become difficult when a married couple divorces, particularly if the divorce is contested.  There are many factors that can come into play when going through a contested divorce such as child visitation rights, support payments, name changes, and other issues may arise as a result of a divorce, potentially creating difficult legal circumstances.  Even outside of the realm of divorce, many other aspects of family life may necessitate legal assistance.

    Our Tucson Family Law Firm successfully represents and provides legal services for clients needing an experienced attorney for a family law matter.

    Our Tucson Family Law Firm successfully represents and provides legal services for clients needing an experienced attorney for a family law matter.

    Additionally, the family law attorneys at My AZ Lawyers, our team of experienced and dedicated Tucson Divorce Lawyers are committed to helping our clients with any legal issues relating to their families.  Therefore, if you or someone you know has a family-related legal problem and requires assistance, contact our offices today at (520) 307-0020 to speak with a qualified member of Our Arizona Legal Team about the details of your situation and to learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your family law needs.  We also offer free consultations in office (2 East Congress Street, Suite #900, Tucson, Arizona) or by phone (520) 307-0020.

    Our Practice Areas

    Family law is a diverse area of legal practice, requiring in-depth knowledge and experience on the part of practitioners to help their clients receive the best results possible.  Our Tucson Family Law Attorneys have represented individuals, couples, husbands, wives, parents, and grandparents in a wide range of family law cases, including those involving:

    • Pre- and post-marital agreements
    • Paternity cases
    • Restraining orders
    • Alimony
    • Child support
    • Divorce appeals
    • Family law appeals
    • Annulments
    • Mediation
    • Domestic violence
    • Modification
    • Enforcement
    • Protective orders
    • Relocation
    • Grandparents’ rights
    • Divorce
    • Child Custody
    • Property Division
    • Marital Settlement
    • Grandparent’s Rights
    • Same Sex Divorce
    • Dissolving Same Sex Marriages
    • Pima County Family Law
    • Tuscon Divorce

    In addition, if you require legal assistance with any of these issues, our capable legal staff is prepared to provide you with experienced, effective representation and a fraction of the cost of other Tucson family law firms.

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    Our Tucson Divorce and Family Law Attorneys are here to help.  If you or someone you know is facing a family issue that requires legal assistance, we can help.  You have rights!  Furthermore, our family law lawyers will give you a better understanding of your situation and provide you with viable options.  By all means, contact our experienced lawyers to discuss your case with an experienced legal professional and learn more about the options available in your situation.