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    Child Custody in Tucson




    Experienced Child Custody serving clients throughout Maricopa County

    Protect Your Rights

    Our Tucson Family Law attorneys will protect your rights as a parent, fight for the custody agreement best for your child, and provide representation and make decisions based on the best interest of your child’s future.

    Child custody options

    Because each client / family that My AZ Lawyers helps is unique, the attorneys give each case individualized attention in order to build a child custody plan that works best for the entire family.  Some options include:

    • Temporary custody: 
      • A court can make a determination about who your child will live with temporarily while planning the permanent custody agreement.  Usually this happens in the early stages of a divorce proceeding.
    • Sole legal custody:
      • One parent takes full legal responsibility for the child.  These responsibilities include decisions about education, religion, and health.
    • Joint legal custody: 
      • Each parent must collaborate on major decisions in cases where joint legal custody is established (residency, health decisions, education).
    • Sole physical custody: 
      • A child lives with one parent for an entire year.  Generous visitation rights are often given to the non-custodial parent.
    • Joint physical custody: 
      • The child in this agreement will split time living with both parents equally.  Joint physical custody does not automatically translate into joint legal custody.

     Tucson Family Law Firm can Modify existing child custody plans

    Because of unforeseen circumstances and life changes, an existing child custody or support plan that is in place may need modification in order to represent the best interest of your family and children.  If there is evidence that your child is being mistreated by the custodial parent (or by non-custodial parent during visits), My AZ Lawyers is prepared to fight for the safety of your child.  It is important to start a modification process as soon as you have concerns regarding the child custody plan.

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