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    Annulment Lawyers Tucson

    ANNULMENT Lawyers Tucson


    Annulments In Tucson, Arizona

    An annulment in Tucson, Arizona is a process by which a marriage is treated as if it had never happened.  It is quite a different legal matter than a divorce.  In Tucson, Arizona, typically an annulment will be granted if there is legal reason that the marriage should have never happened in the first place.  Having an annulment lawyers Tucson who is experienced with annulment cases is important; especially, if there is significant property and/or involves children.  In order to pursue your annulment in Tucson, contact My AZ Lawyers and set up a FREE CONSULTATION with an annulment lawyers in Tucson who is an expert in Arizona Family Law.

    Getting an Annulment In Tucson, Arizona

    In many cases in Arizona when an annulment is granted, the spouses both agree that they want their marriage annulled.   Couples seeking annulments are routinely granted mutual petitions provided that there is legal grounds for the annulment.  If one spouse does not want the annulment, however, then there will be a hearing on the issue.  There is a need then, for a valid and compelling reason for wanting the annulment.  In a situation where both parties don’t agree on the annulment, it is in your best interest to contact My AZ Lawyers and discuss your case with an attorney.  The lawyers at our firm will be your advocate, fight for your rights, and navigate the law for the benefit of your case.

    Annulment Laws in Tucson, Arizona

    An annulment basically states that the marriage never existed.  That being the case, there are no grounds for alimony.  Spouses may have joint debts and/or property that need to be dealt with.  If children were born during the “voided marriage” it may require a paternity test.

    A superior court may dissolve a marriage according to Arizona’s annulment law.  The court may declare the marriage annulled if an alleged cause for the dissolution would cause the marriage to be void.  

    Annulments in Tucson may be granted on grounds such as:

    • Inability to consummate the marriage — the refusal or inability to engage in sexual activity after the marriage.
    • Fraud — misrepresentation about one’s personal or financial history which would influence an agreement to get married
    • Incapacity due to intoxication — a spouse was intoxicated from drugs or alcohol so as not to know what he/she was doing or decisions he/she was making
    • Bigamy — a spouse is already married to someone
    • Mental illness — a person with severe mental illness may not have the cognitive skills needed to enter into a marriage
    • An unlicensed officiant — a marriage is voidable if the person who performed the ceremony was not licensed by the state in which the marriage ceremony took place
    • An underage spouse — in Arizona, the legal age for consent for marriage is 18 (16 with consent from parent)
    • The marriage was incestuous — a marriage between parents/children, brothers/sisters, first cousins, uncles/aunts, nieces/nephews
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    Having your marriage annulled is an important matter and may include other family law issues such as orders involving child custody and support, and division of property and debt.  Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your intent or start or challenge an annulment process with an experienced Tucson family law attorney.  Our annulment lawyers Tucson will be of great assistance to you in your case.


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