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    Prenuptial Agreements Can Benefit Both Spouses


    Ask your attorney how you and your fiancee can benefit from a prenup

    pre nupAs couples in Arizona seek to protect their personal property and existing assets, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular.  These legal contracts typically are used by older couples maybe married before and have a substantial amount of private property.  Younger couples, however, may be able to benefit the most from these preplanned arrangements.

    “Young couples in love” are generally more concerned about planning the wedding than planning the details of a prenup.  If you are engaged to be married, perhaps you should focus on the legal benefits of working out a prenuptial agreement.

    Prenups do not just come into play in the event of a divorce.  Taking the time before the marriage to discuss how finances will be addressed may alleviate problems in the future, when the “honeymoon is over.”   Details of a prenuptial, for example, include:

    • decisions about checking accounts
    • permissions regarding purchases
    • how each spouse’s salaries are to be used
    • outline how accounts will be divided in the event of a separation

    A prenuptial agreement should be reviewed by an attorney who is experienced in representing clients in these matters.  My AZ Lawyers can both assure that your prenup safeguards your assets, and your interests are protected during the marriage in case of a divorce.  The family law attorneys at My AZ Lawyers will fight for your rights and work toward a successful desired outcome to your case.