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    Family Law FAQ

    If you would like to discuss your family law issue with an experienced Arizona Family Law attorney, call (520)307-0020.

    An attorney can visit with you either over the phone, or you can schedule an in-office consultation at your convenience. 

    Maybe you want to initiate a divorce.  Maybe you just got your world turned upside down when your wife “out of the blue” tells you she wants a divorce.  Don’t panic.  Call the experts who can help you through the entire process and protect you and your rights.  Consult with an attorney before you do anything or say anything that could be harmful for your situation in the future.  My AZ Lawyers will be able to help you immediately with a sensitive and compassionate, yet aggressive team on your side. 

    My AZ Lawyers offers unbeatable pricing and payment options to make excellent representation affordable.

    It is very common for clients to experience stress and anxiety over an issue when they don’t have all the information they need.  In order to make good decisions for your family’s future, you should have a knowledgable attorney who knows the law and has experience in many family law cases give you some guidance and input on your case.

    Where do you start?  How do you begin?  What should you do first when faced with a divorce, parenting time, or child support issue?  

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    My AZ Lawyers will work with your schedule to make your consultations and appointments convenient.