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    Common Divorce Mistakes


    What Arizona couples who went through divorce wished they would have known 



    The number of adults in Arizona getting a divorce has increased significantly in the last 15 years.  Sometimes we can learn from the “mistakes” and experiences of those who have “been there, done that.”

    There are things that those who got a divorce wish that they had known before finalizing their separation.  When a divorce is inevitable, at least you can prepare for what’s coming next and at least have a successful outcome to your the dissolution of your marriage.

    Here are a few suggestions from former couples: 

    • It is crucial to hire an attorney who is aggressive and really knows Arizona divorce proceedings and laws, and  
    • A competent attorney will help to uncover any assets that may be hiding that should be subject to asset division laws. 

    Entitlement of Social Security Benefits

    An spouse over 62 in a marriage of more than 10 years may entitle the spouse to collect up to half of their ex’s Social Secuirty benefits.  Finally, exes recommend to go after a Roth 401K account in a settlement (as opposed to alimony).  This money can continue to grow tax-free and may be eligible to be taken out tax-free one time without fees.

    Negotiating a Divorce Settlement

    Another thing experience will show, is that a divorce is as much a financial event as an emotional one. Negotiating a divorce settlement is so important to your future in so many ways.  Therefore, hire an expert who can help you increase your odds of getting everything you are entitled to by law.

    My AZ Lawyers Attorneys – Experts in the Practice of Arizona Divorce

    The one thing you do need to know:  My AZ Lawyers has attorneys who are experts in the practice of Arizona Divorce.  They already know the ins- and -outs of the process, and will have your case covered.

    My AZ Lawyers attorneys have experience, planning and foresight on your side and together can lessen the blow on your divorce by helping to make you financially comfortable by using the law and fighting for your rights.

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