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    Arizona Child Support FAQ



    How is Child Support determined in Arizona?

    Once the basic information is obtained needed to calculate child support and the parenting plan has been established, then child support can be calculated using the state-mandated formula.

    In some cases, an attorney needs to conduct a close examination into records and income tax returns to establish an income figure that is reflective of the person’s income (in some cases, the income appears to be lower than it actually is).

    When an amount is awarded post-divorce, this amount may be modified in the future, if there are any factors that were initially calculated into the support should change.

    What is the child support order?

    A child support order is an order written by the Arizona court that includes:

    • Which parent must pay child support
    • How often payments must be made
    • Who receives the payment for the children
    • The amount of the payment

    What if I can’t pay my child support?

    Despite the fact you might be experiencing financial hardship, it does not entitle you to reduce or stop paying your child support obligations. 

    If you have lost a portion of your income, contact My AZ Lawyers in order to look at modifying the child support order. 

    Does my ex-spouse pay me cash?

    When a parent is ordered to pay child support, in most cases the court will instruct him/her to send the payment to the Support Payment Clearinghouse.  This payment will be recorded, then a check will be issued to the receiver of support (the payments will eventually be processed by Wage Assignment if the payor is employed).

    What should I do if my ex-spouse does not make the child support payments, as ordered by the court?

    Arizona state law requires that child support be paid before any other types of debts are paid.  So, if the parent fails to make court-ordered payments, you should consult with an attorney about filing an enforcement action.