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    Tucson Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers

    Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorneys in Tucson, Arizona

    Tucson Family Law and Bankruptcy Law Firm

    A couple going through divorce in Tucson, Arizona often find it helpful to include declaring bankruptcy as part of the plan to divide assets.  At My AZ Lawyers, we can help you with both your bankruptcy filing and your divorce as we have dedicated bankruptcy attorneys and an experienced family law department.

    Times are a changing in Tucson, Arizona as it used to be that the main thrust of a divorce case was to decide:

    • Who gets custody of the kids, in Arizona we are politically correct.  These are parental rights.
    • Who gets to pay child support?
    • Will there be Alimony or spousal support?
    • Who is responsible for the bills?  The mortgage??
    • How will the marital assets be divided?

    Additionally, the domestic relations landscape has changed with the twenty first century.  In most cases between working people the key issue is splitting the debt.  Someone will be awarded a home that is worth less than what is owed.  Most couples also have massive credit card and/or medical debt.  Someone has to be ordered to pay it.  Therefore, the court will try to fairly divide the assets and the debt.

    Tucson Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers

    Tucson Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers


    In addition, filing bankruptcy in Pima County or Tucson, Arizona with a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer might be a big help to finding a quick resolution to a marriage.  Think about it for a moment, take the bills off the table.  Suddenly one of the biggest sticking points to resolving your divorce is gone.  Negotiations can get under way.  Resolutions are easier.  Divorce lawyer fees are lower.

    Filing Bankruptcy in Tucson while getting divorced can be a win win, especially if you have lots of bills and angry creditors.  The experienced lawyers at My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC handle both family law and bankruptcy issues and may be the answer to a quick and affordable resolution when considering filing for divorce or bankruptcy protection in Tucson, Arizona.

    Lastly, call (520) 307-0020 to set an appointment with one of our Tucson Area Bankruptcy Lawyers or Tucson Area Divorce Attorneys